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[UPDATE] Conference Registration, Schedule and Reader


Registration Registration for the annual conference is done with the same account as the submission on ConfTool. Simply click on "Anmelden als Teilnehmer*in" in the overview and then fill out the form - the ConfTool-System is available in German Language only. Registration must be completed by [UPDATE] 1 September, unfortunately registration for the dinner is no longer possible.

The schedule for the Annual Conference is now available on the website as a drop-down menu for both the Doc Workshop and the Annual Conference 2023. Detailed information as well as the abstracts of the lectures and posters can also be found in the conference reader, which is available for download as a PDF.

"Lebenswelt Musik" 39th Annual Meeting 2023 - Submission opened!


In 2023, the German Society for Music Psychology will celebrate its 40th anniversary. The annual conference will be held from September 8-10 in Hannover, Germany and the Workshop for PhD-students ("Doc Workshop") will be held on September 7th. Contributions can be submitted via ConfTool until 15 May. Old accounts could not be transferred due to safety reasons.

If you want to submit your abstract, please click the button below, register for an account and simply follow the instructions on ConfTool. The same account can be used later to register for the conference. For additional information on the conference, call for papers, etc. please visit the conference page.

38th Annual Conference of the DGM "The Psychology of Popular Music"


After two years of digital meetings, this year's conference could again take place in physical presence, to the delight of all participants. Already on September 1, the "Doc Workshop" for young scientists was held, which has become an integral part of the conference. From September 2-4, the main conference took place in the usual way with numerous talks and poster presentations at the New University in Würzburg. For some impressions of the conference click here . The poster prize was awarded by a jury to Marietta Ungerer for her project work on Music, Movement, Mood & Parkinsons". At the general meeting Reinhard Kopiez was elected as the new editor of the Yearbook. We would like to thank the previous editorial team, Timo Fischinger and Christoph Louven, for their many years of work.

Yearbook Music Psychology Volume 30


Beginning in 2021, the Yearbook is again published under the title "Empirical Research - Aesthetic Experiments" as in the tradition of Volumes 1-12, Volume 30 is now also available as a print edition and has already been sent to the members of the Society.

Volume 31 is on its way with two papers already published online and several more in the review process. If you would like to submit a paper or find out more about the submission process, please visit the Website of the Yearbook.

Safety update for the Website

  2022-05-18 has had an "SSL certificate" for some time, but we still received some messages that it was still possible to reach the site via an insecure connection. For the DOTS website the SSL certificate was not active. This has now been fixed, both websites are now exclusively accessible via the secure connection (HTTPS), unsecure connection attempts are automatically redirected (recognizable by the small lock symbol in the address bar of the browser). Special thanks to Klaus Frieler for setting up the certificate for the DOTS website.

Discontinuation of Domains

In future, there will only be one domain (, the English version will be hosted on a sub-domain ( If you have saved any bookmarks in your browser redirecting to one of those domains:

They will be discontinued by September 2022 and soon not be availalbe anymore. In rare cases even the very old domain from before 2018 ( was saved a bookmark. Please replace it with as soon as possible.

In case of any technical problems or questions please contact the Webmaster.

Constituent meeting of the newly elected DGM Board on 18 January 2022


In a constituent meeting, the new board met for the first time to discuss agendas and aims for 2022. In addition to the general organization of the annual meeting with ConfTool, topics such as the possible wish for the establishment of an ethics committee, communication strategies to make the society, the subject and the research work of members visible (including through the use of social media) and the gradual reduction of analog mailings were discussed.

We kindly ask all members to ensure to have their currently used e-mail address on file with the DGM. In case you do not receive any newsletters and announcements at all, or they are being sent to the wrong adress, please contact the secretary Felix Thiesen immediately.

„The Psychology of Popular Music“ | 38th annual meetinh of the DGM 2022 | September 2-4, 2022 in Würzburg


The 38th annual conference of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Musikpsychologie e.V. 2022 will take place at the Institute Human-Computer-Media of the Julius-Maximilians-University of Wuerzburg. The conference’s main topic will be „Psychology of Popular Music“. Popular music does not only refer to pop music (in this context) but to every type of music popular in specific audiences – for example, hiphop, heavy metal, Schlager music, folk music, or scores from movies or series. To present the object of research in all its dimensions, submissions from different psychological perspectives are encouraged. Possible issues include emotional, social, developmental, and media psychological, as well as psychoacoustical, pedagogical-psychological, and psychotherapeutic questions that shed light on the spectrum of popular music from various perspectives. As usual, submissions from other fields of research are welcome as well. To warrant enough time for as many presentations as possible, there will be no keynotes at the 38th annual conference in Würzburg.

DOTS – The DGM Online Testing Service


DOTS is a free service of the DGM for its members, which allows to compile online test batteries from established tests and questionnaires and thus to conduct own online studies. The main focus of the already implemented components is in the field of music psychology (mainly various listening tests and questionnaires on music-related topics), but a number of non-music related psychological tests and questionnaires are also implemented. A current overview of the implemented components can be found in the menu under "Tests". For setting up new test batteries or implementing new components, contact the DOTS-Team.

New board of the DGM as of January 1st, 2022


In the general meeting on Septebmer 3rd, the board of the DGM was newly elected. We thank Michael Oehler and Franziska Degé for their many years of conscientious work on the board and welcome Kathrin Schlemmer and Felix Thiesen as new members. The new team will start its work on January 1st, 2022 and can be contaced here.

37th DGM Annual Conference "Music and Social Connectedness" 2021


The 37th Annual Meeting of the DGM was held online on 2-3 September. In addition to the contributions (5 talks and 60 posters), a PhD student workshop and various other talks and workshops on current topics and research tools were held. This year's poster prize was awarded by a 3-member jury to Nina Düvel - congratulations!


The annual conference The Psychology of Popular Music planned for Würzburg had to be postponed to 2021 for the time being due to the Pademie. In order not miss out on the opportunity to present research papers, a virtual poster conference was held on the website from September 3-6. In the course of this, for the first time, poster author prizes were awarded by a jury to Emma Allingham and Anja Feneberg. As the DGM decided to establish a committee of five experienced members to support the rules of good scientific practice and to solve conflicts, this committee was elected for a term of four years. The current composition can be seen here .


From September 6-8, the 35th annual conference entitled Cognitive Music Psychology was held at KU Eichstätt-Ingolstadt. Volume 28 of the Jahrbuch Musikpsychologie ("Music Psychology - Music and Movement") was published as a printed book by Waxmann and can be viewed at with open access published research reports.


From September 7-9, the 34th annual conference entitled Music in Audiovisual Context took place at the Justus Liebig University Giessen. For the first time, a "Doctoral Student Workshop" for young scholars was also held prior to the conference. In the general meeting a change of the statutes was voted on, the new version can be viewed in the menu item "The DGM" under "Constitution" or downloaded here as PDF. The website of the DGM was redesigned and also optimized for mobile devices. The DGM also commented on the current discussion about the handling of research data and provided an elaboration based on the DFG guidelines, which can be downloaded here as a PDF file . A call for papers for volume 29 of the yearbook also went out after the meeting..