German Society for
Music Psychology

Organisation: Prof. Dr. Holger Schramm, Dr. Ann-Kristin Herget and Dr. Felix Thiesen

Date: 02-04 September 2022

Location: Würzburg, Germany

Call for Papers (PDF)

The 38th annual conference of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Musikpsychologie e.V. 2022 will take place at the Institute Human-Computer-Media of the Julius-Maximilians-University of Wuerzburg. The conference’s main topic will be „Psychology of Popular Music“. Popular music does not only refer to pop music (in this context) but to every type of music popular in specific audiences – for example, hiphop, heavy metal, Schlager music, folk music, or scores from movies or series. To present the object of research in all its dimensions, submissions from different psychological perspectives are encouraged. Possible issues include emotional, social, developmental, and media psychological, as well as psychoacoustical, pedagogical-psychological, and psychotherapeutic questions that shed light on the spectrum of popular music from various perspectives. As usual, submissions from other fields of research are welcome as well. To warrant enough time for as many presentations as possible, there will be no keynotes at the 38th annual conference in Würzburg.

Submission of contributions

Contributions may be submitted on the topic of the conference or as free contributions. The forms of presentation considered to be scientifically equivalent are presentations (20 minutes) or posters. Submission of abstracts is possible until 1st May 2022 via ConfTool. Further information can be found there. The contributions need to clearly articulate the research question as well as the methods and results. After an anonymous review of the submissions, feedback on the acceptance of a contribution for the conference program will be provided by early June 2022. If the number of positively reviewed presentations is too high, some submissions will be accepted as posters. By 1st July 2022, updated electronic versions of the abstracts (max. 500 words) in ready-to-print German or English must then be submitted for publication in the conference reader (template will be provided). Unfortunately, submissions that arrive too late or do not comply with the formal requirements cannot be published.

Useful Information

Informations on the entertaining programme, hotels and arrivel will be provided soon.

PhD-Workshop for young researchers

to be announced

Downloads & Links related to the Conference

Please find below the cooporate design for presentations and posters of the German Society for Music Psychology and the University of Wuerzburg as well as other conference downloads including materials for the PhD workshop.

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